2017 - Forest Eyes, The Courtyard, Dalby Forest. Exhibition and 2 week residency, in association  with Crescent Arts/Forestry Commission.


2017 - Transitions, Degree Show, Scarborough School of Arts, Westwood Campus


2017 - Drawing workshop, Scarborough Library Fun Palace.


2016 - Triangular Takeover, organised as part of the Big Draw, Old Parcels Office, Scarborough


2016 - Momentum, Old Parcels Office, Scarborough (group show)

2016 - Across the Dales & Coastal Trails, Scarborough Art Gallery (group show)

2016 - The Prison Drawing Project, Dean Road, Scarborough - selected artist


I am primarily interested in drawing and the use of repetition. I alternate between representational drawing and abstract mark making in an attempt not only to make a visual record of a subject, but to document the making process. An appreciation of the ordinary dictates my choice of materials; which tend to be readily available and deliberately lo-fi.


My practice is centred on the construction of a rule or logic; a limitation to operate within. I work intuitively within the firm boundaries I set myself.

In my most recent work, the rule ‘Imagine each drawing as a room’, acts as the frame in which to work.

Once the edges of this room are established, I apply layers in order to build up a shallow palimpsest, often incorporating mixed media and collage techniques. Erasure and reduction are processes I employ in order to suggest time; the fading of memory and the trace left over from an activity or presence.